Fourier Intelligence Group Therapy (FiGT)

FiGT is a group therapy whereby different rehabilitation needs can be met by interlinking devices specific to the patients via a single intelligent system. The immersive and interactive experience in the group rehabilitation sessions will foster patients’ excitement for peer interaction, further enhancing the speed and effectiveness of recovery.

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Fourier Intelligent Rehabilitation Hub (FiRH)

FiRH includes a complete range of physical rehabilitation solutions utilizing robotics and sensor-based technological system, vocational & ADL training, and Medical Training Therapy. The interconnected and user-friendly robotic system allows for patients with different medical conditions to be treated together concurrently with ease.

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Fourier Intelligence Academy (FiA)

The FIA provides clinical and research network opportunities for individuals to collaborate on the advancement of robotic technology by providing relevant education, training and resources which include clinical application protocols, innovative technology development, and certification courses.

Fourier Infinity Net System (FiNS)

FINS is a cloud-based network where data collected from the rehabilitation devices can be synchronized and shared among hospitals, communities, and homes. The collaborative system assists therapists in providing data analysis, enabling efficient continuity of patients’ home training program.

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Repetitions in a year

Chuanxin Niu
Associate Professor, Rehabilitation Department of Ruijin Hospital of Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Ruijin Hospital
When we do exercise, muscle control has a lot to do with the environment. For example, we will experience inertia load when push the door. And we will experience sticky load when swimming. The muscle control is different during these two kinds of exercises, and the training effect is not the same. By using ArmMotus™ M2, we can precisely simulate the kinematics environment in our daily life. And I’m really impressed by it’s fitting degree. Thus, ArmMotus™ M2 can provide a great platform for academic and clinical research.
Trent Maruyama
Program Manager for Rehabilitation Technology Barrow Neurological Institute, USA
Barrow Neurological Institute
The M2 by Fourier Intelligence is one of the robotics devices we use in the neuro-rehabilitation program at Barrow Neurological Institute. This device provides the therapists with an intuitive person machine interface to deliver therapeutic tasks in with minimal set up time which allows for more time to deliver an efficient patient treatment.
Marlena Klaic
Allied Health Research and Translation Leader
The Royal Melbourne Hospital
I am an occupational therapist and research leader with 20 years of clinical experience working in the neurosciences field. We started using the ArmMotus™ M2 in 2019 for upper limb rehabilitation with stroke survivors. All of our clinicians, from the most junior to those with many years of experience, have found the ArmMotus™ M2 both easy to use and highly suitable for their patients. The ArmMotus™ M2 provides a platform for enjoyable practice while delivering the intensity and repetition of training to support neuroplasticity and improved functional use of the upper limb. We have found the ArmMotus™ M2 feasible to use with patients of all age groups and cultural backgrounds. We are delighted with the contribution the ArmMotus™ M2 is making in our rehabilitation centre and with our patients.