ExoMotus™ X2

The ExoMotus™ X2 is the new generation of Exoskeleton Robot designed to be more compact and light-weight with powerful actuating system, multisensory fusion technology and core motion control algorithm which facilitates walking assistance, rehabilitation training and enhancement of motor functions.

With smart haptic feedback sensors placed on each joint and sole of the exoskeleton, it can monitor users’ joint & plantar pressure and adapt the gait trajectory to its dynamic environment. The ExoMotus™ X2 enables therapists to provide safe, intense, customized and goal-oriented gait training sessions for patients.


The AnkleMotus™ M1-A is an ankle joint rehab robot that simulates natural movement of ankle-joint, such as dorsiflexion and plantarflexion. It is suitable for users with ankle dysfunction caused by a neurological or musculoskeletal injury.

Integrated with innovative force feedback technology, customizable training functions and interactive gaming experience, it aids both therapists and users in achieving optimal functional recovery.