Our approach to innovative robotics rehabilitation solution revolves around four crucial platforms which include Fourier Intelligence Group Therapy (FiGT), Fourier Intelligent Rehabilitation Hub (FiRH), Fourier Intelligence Academy (FiA) and Fourier Infinity Net System (FiNS).

The Fourier Intelligence Group Therapy concept (FiGT) aims to spark excitement and motivation for patients undergoing the rehabilitation process, which are key drivers in achieving efficient and optimal recovery outcomes for both patients and therapists. The concept would merely be an idea without the intelligent innovations of rehabilitation robotics by keen researchers who are driven to improve the lives of patients with neurological disabilities.

Through the Fourier Intelligence Academy (FiA) that provides clinical and research network opportunities for keen individuals, new inventions of rehabilitation solutions are made possible.

With Fourier Intelligence Rehabilitation Hub (FiRH) that is fully equipped with a complete range of advanced and intelligent system that is interconnected and user-friendly, it enhances the efficiency of therapists to treat patients with different medical conditions concurrently with ease.

To ensure seamless continuity of rehabilitation therapy, the Fourier Infinity Net System (FiNS) was created as a cloud-based network where data can be collected, synchronized and shared among hospitals, communities and homes. This allows therapists to efficiently upkeep with patients’ rehabilitation program at home.